Corporate Coverages

Making sure you're protected for life's uncertainties

Key Person

Whether you are an owner-operator of small business, or you are a large corporation with several executives, key person coverage offers businesses a chance to protect themselves against any financial hardship they may face as a result of losing one of their vital staff members.

When a company loses an important employee, it can have a direct effect on sales, especially if the position is difficult to replace. By having key person coverage, the company is given a tax-free lump-sum payout if the insured employee becomes ill, or passes away. Regardless of its size, every entity has someone who is vital to operations – consider key person coverage.

Group Benefits

‘Good help is hard to find’. This saying has never been truer in today’s market of available talent. Group benefits are a way for companies to show they care about their workers, in addition to attracting the best talent when hiring for new positions.

Benefits encompass a variety of insurance products under one policy, which gives the employee access to paramedical services, prescription drugs, vision care, in addition to modest amounts of personal protection coverages. Group benefits are a great way to show the company cares about its people – talk to an Alteri agent today about how we can help set them up!

Health Spending Accounts

Depending on the size of a company, or the industry it’s in, it can be difficult to justify monthly premiums devoted to group benefits. Whether a business is motivated with keeping cash flow high, or it only has a handful of people on the payroll, a health spending account may be the answer to all of its concerns.

This layout allows the company to designate an exact amount of financial support per employee, which they can spend throughout the year on specific medical expenses. We would be happy to help you decide whether group benefits, or a health spending account, would be the right fit for you.