Making Sure You're Protected For Life's Uncertainties

What Is It?

Disability Insurance covers you in case you get injured.

How Does It Work?

If you get injured, and are unable to go back to work for a while, disability coverage will make monthly payments to you until you are back on your feet.

Why Do I Need It?

Every dollar counts for a vast majority of Canadians, and this coverage will make sure that the lights can stay on while you are focused on recovering from your car accident, your accidental fall down the stairs or a number of other injuries that you never see coming.

I Think I Have This In My Group Benefit Plan

Most group benefit plans cover this; however, make sure that you have qualified for the appropriate amount of coverage based on your current salary under the plan, otherwise it will make a nominal payment to you (like $1,500 per month).

I'm Rich, I Don't Need It

That could be true; however, it would be based on your lifestyle and spending habits. Most Canadians don’t have enough savings to last three months without an income. How long could you be off work without a financial struggle?

I'm not Rich, I Don't Need It

If you aren’t rich then you need every dollar coming through the door and the ability to earn an income is extremely important – lets protect that.

How Do I Get It?

You call Alteri.

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