Making Sure You're Protected For Life's Uncertainties

What Is It?

Life Insurance for a set ‘term’, or period of time.

How Does It Work?

Simply put, when you pass away, a tax-free one-time payment is made to a person of your choosing.

Why Do I Need It?

When you pass-away, someone will be left with the bill. Upon your passing, there are a number of financial issues that demand attention, such as: paying off debts and mortgages, fulfilling tax obligations, potential probate costs and legal fees, funeral expenses, etc.

I Think I Have This In My Group Benefit Plan

You probably have some coverage under your group plan, but it usually isn’t nearly enough. Consider topping up the coverage.

I'm Rich, I Don't Need It

It can be debated that the wealthier you are, the more you need to incorporate life insurance into your estate plan.

I'm not Rich, I Don't Need It

When you pass away, you are leaving grieving loved ones behind, and they need time to get back on their feet. Give them some breathing room by offering them a lump-sum payment to handle the bills for a while.

How Do I Get It?

You call Alteri.

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