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Personal Protection

Term Life

Term life insurance provides you with coverage for a set period of time, which is most commonly ten or twenty years. This form of insurance is ideal for covering debts, loans and mortgages with maturity dates. Term insurance is a product that is seen as both basic and affordable.

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Permanent Life

Permanent life insurance product that covers you for your entire life. As an alternative to term coverage, whole life allows the client to have access to the premiums paid into the policy.

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Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance can provide you with the protection you need if you become diagnosed with an illness. This product offers a lump-sum tax-free payout upon claim, and covers a range of diseases, including: cancer, heart attack and stroke.

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Often referred to as income replacement coverage, disability insurance gives you protection in case you are unable to work due to an injury. This product makes monthly payments to you if you become disabled.

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Key Person

Whether you are an owner-operator of small business, or you are a large corporation with several executives, key person coverage offers businesses a chance to protect themselves against any financial hardship they may face as a result of losing one of their vital staff members.

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Group Benefits

‘Good help is hard to find’. This saying has never been truer in today’s market of available talent. Group benefits are a way for companies to show they care about their workers, in addition to attracting the best talent when hiring for new positions.

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